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About Me

Hi there, welcome to my blog, and thanks for stopping by! I’m Caroline, a Maltese lifestyle blogger. I’m an optimistic person who loves simplicity and does not need much to be happy. My curiosity’s constant calling keeps me more than entertained.

Given the limited time we have in this life, my aspiration towards a fulfilling life is what fuels my body, mind, and soul.

As long as God gives me strength, I want my life to be as colourful as possible. It will, and has already been tainted with colours which I don’t like much, yet I believe that experiences – both good and bad – are those that shape us for the better. The key is to understand that everything happens for a reason! There is always a takeaway lesson from each and every experience and from every person with whom we cross paths. 

My Favourite Obsessions

My unusually wide-ranging interests often see me embarking on new voyages of discovery. Fears of stepping out of my comfort zones are nothing compared to my passions and creative pursuits. I’m not afraid of change and being a beginner over and over again doesn’t intimidate me in any way. For me, each new beginning is a life stimulant and a step closer to more self-discovery and self-enlightenment.

Putting my eclectic tastes and interests into one box is quite difficult! Yet, being lost in nature is my all-time favourite dose for lifting my spirits. Nature helped me pave the way in pursuing my happiness and recognising that being analytical and perhaps also multi-potentialite, is not necessarily bad. I realised that either I had to ditch some of my curiosity-callings which in my previous corporate finance profession was not much appreciated, or find an appropriate outlet where my characteristics could be further developed.

Initially, I tried restraining my obsessions and chase the societal ideal of “career success”, but ended up losing my life’s purpose. This is when I realised that a career in corporate finance was no longer for me. Then I realised that all I had to do was to “connect things”. And this is what led to the birth of Lifestyle Exquisite. Here I will share my passions and love for life and all that makes life exquisite. 

What’s Lifestyle Exquisite All About

Lifestyle Exquisite is a single multi-focused platform where you’ll find cutting-edge and in-depth information on various interests of the modern lifestyle. Its purpose is to awaken the reader’s curiosity and be inquisitive in delving deeper into areas already known, and in exploring uncharted territories.

In this way, when exploring curiosities, you’ll be expanding your knowledge that will in turn put you in a better position to make informed decisions and be able to embrace enriched life experiences.

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