Mother’s Day – The Perfect Gift For Every Mum

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Every mum deserves to be appreciated. While a family lunch on Mother’s Day is always appreciated; showering your mum with goodies you know she needs or secretly desires is always safe. But, if you want to surprise her big time, then you should go with gifting her an unforgettable experience.

I have tried and experienced all (or most of them) of the gift ideas in this guide, and personally, I would enjoy receiving them all over again! I am pretty sure that you will also find the perfect gift that will touch the inner passions of your mum, whatever type she is. Ideas in this blog are oriented toward the local Maltese market, but you can always search for places offering similar experiences in your country.

Wine Tasting Experience for Mother’s Day

Earlier this March, I surprised my boyfriend with a wine-tasting experience at Ta’ Betta Wine Estates Ltd for his birthday. It could not have been any better. We were lost in paradise in this estate spread over four hectares of terraced land. It is around 200 meters above sea level in Girgenti limits of Siġġiewi, Malta. This estate houses around 15,000 vines, together with around 200 olive trees, as well as fig trees, carob trees, and miscellaneous indigenous Maltese flora.

Astrid and Juanito Camilleri founded this estate in 2002 and named it after their daughter Bettina, after her birth only months earlier. They even included a girl reaching out to a vine on the brand’s logo. In 2003, the land was embellished and re-scoped for the planting of the first vines, which were imported from France. These carefully selected clones of noble grape varietals included Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, and Chardonnay.

It took the estate over 10 years to acquire the permit to launch its wine on the market. These years were used for research and sampling, as well as for establishing the best wine-making process to deploy. In the end, the owners opted for a colorful array of egg-shaped concrete fermentation tanks which were imported purposefully from Sonoma in California. Whilst being aesthetically beautiful, the tanks are extremely practical and in line with the estate’s preferred medium for the fermentation of its reds.

Ta' Betta Wine Tasting Experience

Our skilled guide, Kristina, continued to explain in detail the harvest process and its challenges, the winemaking process, the aging process, and the sustainability measures the estate deploys. After that, we proceeded to the wine-tasting session, where we sampled a selection of Ta’ Betta’s wines, accompanied by local snacks such as cheese and crackers in the enjoyment of the beautiful scenery of the island’s countryside. We were very fascinated when we learned that each wine incorporated the history of Malta as each wine is named after a Grand Master. Kristina also explained to us the difference that the shape of the wine glass makes. We actually went on to taste the same wine in different glasses and were astonished by the impact the wine glass makes.

The Ta’ Betta Wine Estate is a gift that will certainly be appreciated by the Mum who enjoys and is passionate about wine and I fully recommend it!

Painting session for Mother’s Day

In this Mother’s Day gift guide, this painting session is the only one which I have not yet experienced so far. However, this is the gift that I intend to give to my mum (and to myself and to my mother-in-law) this Mother’s Day. Lately, I have seen my mum enjoy drawing even during hours when she is not with my eight-year-old niece. I will be opting for this painting session with Sip and Paint Malta.

From what I have seen so far, Sip and Paint Malta is an experience that combines painting and socializing in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. No requirements on age and artistic levels apply. The concept evolves around a group of participants that undergo a 2-hour guided session in painting each own masterpiece in a relaxed and fun atmosphere over a glass of wine or other beverage.

Source: Sip and Paint

Sip and Paint Malta holds these events at various locations throughout the island, such as restaurants, bars, and cafes. Participants do not need to bring anything with them since Sip and Paint provide participants with all the necessary materials, including paints, brushes, canvases, and aprons to protect their clothes. Recently, I have noticed that they have started organizing outdoor sessions at Vincent’s Eco Estate, which is a sustainable ecological and fully certified organic farm in Mgarr, Malta. Being an outdoor person myself, I will be definitely booking an outdoor session.

Photo Source: Sip and Paint

At the end of the session, participants can take their paintings home with them as a unique and personal souvenir of their experience. Overall, Sip and Paint Malta is a fun and creative way to spend time with friends, family, or colleagues while discovering the artistic side of Malta.

Cooking Class for Mother’s Day

Last year in the course of my work I happened to come across The Mediterranean Culinary Academy (MCA in short) and together with my boyfriend we attended a coupes cooking class that involved learning how to cook Rabbit Tagliatelle and cheesecake. MCA is an academy that offers a variety of courses and workshops that focus on Mediterranean cuisine, using locally-sourced ingredients and traditional cooking methods. The founder behind this academy is Kurt Mifsud, who has been engaged in the food industry since the age of 18. The academy evolves around the development of Mediterranean cuisine in particular, with the prime objective of deploying sustainable agricultural practices.

Cooking Class

MCA is a great experience for those who are passionate about food and cooking, from beginners to experienced chefs. Therefore, if this sounds like your mum then you should look at this link for hands-on cooking classes ranging from half-day courses to week-long intensive programs. The classes cover a range of topics, including pasta making, fish and seafood, meat and poultry, vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and baking. Classes can also be booked as a couple, hence this gives you the opportunity to accompany your mother and make this a memorable gift for both of you.

Participants do not need to bring anything with them. Classes are held in a fully-equipped kitchen under the guidance of experienced chefs, learning techniques and recipes that are specific to Mediterranean cuisine. After the cooking is ready, the participants tend to sit down together to eat their own creations in a socializing atmosphere.

Apart from the cooking classes, the academy also offers workshops and events related to food and culinary culture like wine tastings, food and wine pairing sessions, and talks on topics such as food sustainability, food and health, and food tourism.

A Mother’s Day gift for everyday cooking

If your mum is one that leads a hectic life but still seeks ways to quickly prepare great dishes, even when they contain the toughest ingredients, then I would suggest you consider gifting her a food processor to help her get things done in less time. You might want to consider a Philips Food Processor like the Viva Collection model.

If your mum dedicates a considerable amount of time experimenting in the kitchen, then a highly durable food processor, like the Magimix, is highly recommended. It comes with 30 years motor guarantee!

Magimix is great when storage space is a limitation as it combines the functions of up to 8 other kitchen machines into one – slicing, grating, chopping, whisking, blending, and baking. You have to choose which color to opt for (White, Black, or Chrome Matte), and the capacity – 3200, 4200, 5200. Magimix comes in 3 bowls that allow you to effortlessly carry out several tasks in quick succession.

(For Maltese non-residents, you can find the above models on Amazon: Philips Viva Food Processor, Magimix 3200, 4200, 5200)

Baking at heart!

Here in Malta, it is hard to come across someone whose grandma or mother did not have a Kenwood stand machine (and which is still up and running). It also tends to be a gift that passes from one generation to another. For a person that has baking at heart, a Kenwood stand machine is a must-have.

The newer models gladly incorporate features that will make baking easier and faster, which is a plus considering that life has become more hectic and the time available to devote to our hobbies is constrained. Personally, I am in love with the Kenwood Chef Titanium Machine as it comes with two working bowls and has integrated weighing scales there are 25 optional attachments to experiment with in the kitchen.

(For non-Maltese residents you can find this model on Amazon here)

The Coffee Lover

Source: Coffee & strangers

In the course of my work last year, I also came across Deandra Gauci, the owner of the COFFEE&strangers who is also the only person in Malta qualified to teach coffee-related courses. These courses, which are both practical and theory-based, from basic to more in-depth knowledge of coffee. For example, the Introduction to Coffee workshop covers the environmental impacts on coffee taste and quality, growth, and genetics, as well as proceeds to the actual tasting and cupping of coffee.

Photo Source: Coffee&strangers

Another interesting course for those starting coffee education is the Home Basic Barista workshop which tackles more the machinery/hands-on aspect of how to pull an espresso shot, froth milk, the importance of water, cleaning, etc. In this Home Barista workshop, you will understand why an espresso shot is not coming out creamy from an espresso machine, where the reason might be the quality of coffee used, the roast profile, or the purchase of pre-grinded coffee. Coffe&strangers also extends to businesses as it offers training and consultation for businesses to save money per cup, and time, and help them improve workflow and quality. 

If you believe that your mum is more into stepping up her coffee-making ritual by making it easier and tastier, then I would suggest you go for a bean-to-cup coffee machine. For a minimalist design that aesthetically blends with the rest of the sleek design of the kitchen interior, then Melitta is the answer. Melitta was the world’s first inventor of a coffee filter in 1908. To date, the Melitta Group has repeatedly played a pioneering role in the further refinement of coffee enjoyment and the use of household products: where it invented the first vacuum-packed ground coffee in Germany, the first filter coffeemaker, sandwich paper, and aluminum foil as versatile household wrapping products. Models range from a sole espresso machine Melitta Purista to machines that incorporate a milk system for enabling cappuccino making like the Melitta Avanza Mystic Titan, Melitta Caffeo Passione, etc. If you are on a tighter budget yet you want a quality and reliable bean-to-cup espresso machine, then I suggest, the Philips Series 1200, Philips Series 2200, or Philips Series 2200 LatteGo.

(for non-Maltese residents you can find the above models on Amazon: Melitta Purista, Melita Avanza Titan, Melitta Caffeo Passione, Philips 1200, Philips 2200, Philips 2200 LatteGo.)

Scent Lover

Karaly by Sandalia Luxury Collection

The gifting of fragrance is all about evoking beautiful scent-based memories. It is a great gift since perfume is extremely personal, comes in beautiful packaging, and will be a reminder of your love every time your mum wears it. It might be time you introduce her to the world of niche perfumery and gift her a signature scent that’s as unique as she is.

Niche perfume is made from rare, exotic, and exquisite ingredients that exude an interesting and special kind of scent that is rare to find. They are also exclusive to boutique stores (not commercially available at typical perfume stores) and are limited in availability.

You may want to learn more about what niche perfume is here and a brief on 6 niche perfume brands to choose from here.

Considering that it is springtime, my go-to recommendations for mothers’ day from this range would be the below. Obviously, you need to look out for what olfactory family your mum likes to ensure you give her a perfume she will love. Feel free to contact me if you require any help.

  • White Diamante by Omnia Profumi – a very “feminine” fragrance. A sweet fragrance that wraps around the floral notes of iris, goes down on the aromatic notes of coffee, vanilla, and chocolate, and closes with elegance and roundness through vanilla, musk, wood, and amber notes.
  • Memoirs Of A Trespasser by Imaginary Authors is a smoky vanilla fragrance and a true adventure scent. Ideal for mums that love traveling and wearing this perfume over and over again even when back home will conjure comforting memories.
  • Saint Julep by Imaginary Authors is a fresh green charming fragrance that depicts the theme of mint in the context of a sparkling and revitalizing cocktail.
  • Bois de Panama by Gustave Eiffel is an aromatic fragrance that opens with notes of Peach and Violet accompanied by Cardamom. The spicy heart notes of Cinnamon, Cloves, and Nutmeg shape the character of this fragrance. Bois de Panama is characterized by warm base notes such as Musk, Sandalwood Vanilla, and Amber.
  • Karaly by Sandalia Luxury Collection is an oriental, warm, and captivating scent that celebrates the numerous people who arrived in Sardinia through the Mediterranean, a sea whose depths contain the precious sunken cargos of treasures and amphorae. The golden icon on the bottle represents the sun, the brightest of the stars, that adorns the baskets crafted to honor the City of the Sun, Cagliari.

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