The Feel-Good Factor

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The feel-good factor is a highly sought-after feeling, yet an immensely difficult achievement. We usually tend to fall into the trap of making it unnecessarily difficult to find real happiness. However, it all boils down to the active conditioning of the mind in thinking positively.

This post is somewhat different from the other posts I have written so far. It is a post of reflection – a reflection that I underwent this Christmas.

This reflection on the feel-good factor, all started whilst I was having my morning coffee outside my balcony on Christmas day. To Christians, Christmas is the day on which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. In general, it is a time of togetherness and a time of exchanging gifts. Over the years, I see Christmas losing its spiritual magic and being caught up in the commercial aspect of it all. We tend to derive happiness on this day from the material gifts we receive. Without delving into unnecessary detail on how I view the concept of gifting, the point I want to get through is that Christmas, no matter what it means to you, is generally the time of the year that makes people more jolly.

Usually, my neighborhood is quiet, but hearing giggles and the passing of jokes in the streets on Christmas Day surprised me and made me grin. This made me question – is it because it’s Christmas Day that everyone seems to be so light-hearted and jolly? Couldn’t it always be like that and not just on Christmas day? What I didn’t say is that I tested positive for Covid-19 on Christmas Eve, which practically ruined all my holiday plans. However, this reflection that on this day many people are happier than usual somewhat lightened up my heart. The fact that people, including those with whom I might have lost contact over time and still thought of me and found the time to send me Christmas greetings, did just wonders.

The point is that sometimes when we actively condition our minds in thinking positively, appreciate the little things, and believe that we are able to achieve what we aspire for, by hook or crook we manage to do so. Doesn’t it ever happen to you, that when you are half-hearted at doing a task, even the simplest thing or something you have always been doing, you fail to do it right?

Do you ever wonder that when you are in a good mood, you simply see everything perfect? Be it a dress that flaunts your figure that makes you want to post it all over Instagram despite all the other days on which you feel grumpy about being out of shape?! Don’t you think that it’s all in the mind?

All this may somehow sound simple and unrealistic. However, I believe life is too short to waste it living miserable and thinking of being overloaded with problems. Looking back on my life and all the experiences I’ve been through, I have always tried to keep positive and actively condition my mind to think that all will be fine and that I will achieve what I want. That depends on how badly you want to achieve your goal!

Nowadays, I’ve come to think that, to a certain extent, problems exist if we believe so. For every challenge there’s a solution – you just need to be creative. It also comes naturally to me now to be positive. I can barely accept a “No” or a “Not Possible” statement. After all, what would life be without challenges? If life was free of challenges, there wouldn’t be an opportunity for you to be better and stronger than yesterday. Getting through challenges is also an opportunity to admire yourself and grow fonder of yourself each day. Remember that loving yourself is the first step to loving others!

And if you’re reading this and you’re Covid positive like myself, and with all your most awaited Christmas Holidays being ruined from A to Z, try to also be morally positive. Being a person that enjoys days that are fully packed with many “To Dos” and end up being exhausted at the end of the day, rather than relaxing as an ideal person looks forward to, I couldn’t be any more miserable about spending the holidays doing what I hate the most – in bed or watching a movie. However, deep down I’m just glad and grateful that it only had to be myself that I’m positive and that my family is safe and sound. It’s always about the priorities you set in your life.

Tomorrow is another day my friend – just make sure that you’ll make up for your miserable days the next day. You can rest assured that you’ll appreciate tomorrow much more!

Covid-19 has taught us in these last years how vulnerable humans are. Irrespective of how materially rich you are, you never know whether Covid-19 will manage to beat you down. So try to become morally richer while you can and before it’s too late! Make 2022 a better year by being positive, appreciating the little things, sharing love, and being nice overall to those around you as unknowingly you might be making a difference in other people’s lives!

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