6 Niche Perfume Brands To Try

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Niche perfume brands are perfume houses that craft perfume with passion and utilize the finest raw materials in delivering unique and superior scents that imprint memories. Discerning perfume lovers, understand and appreciate that a fragrance conveys a story and evokes emotions and memories.

Since niche perfumes are exclusive and limited in availability, these type of perfumes ensure that your signature scent is unique to you.

Whilst designer fragrances are also appealing, being mass-produced it comes as no surprise that you come across a scent amongst others, or even worse, someone who has the same fragrance as yours. Thanks to their uniqueness, niche perfumes reveal an intriguing story that is unknown to many. In this way, you will be remembered for the curiosity you arouse, such that your personality remains imprinted in whoever you come across.

If you are serious about finding your signature scent, you should definitely consider exploring these 6 niche perfume brands!

1. Franck Boclet

Price: €100- €200

About This Niche Perfume Brand

Franck Boclet niche perfume brand

A pure Parisian and creator of masculine fashion with feminine influence, Franck Boclet incorporates sensuality, detail, precision, and perfect cuts. Prior to launching his own men’s fashion design house in 2010, Franck Boclet worked in textile engineering with top designers like Kenzo Men, Arrow, Francesco Smalto, Ungaro.

The mix of his passions and style reflects timeless references to the Rock & Riot trend as well as the traditional world of luxury. Franck Boclet is the sole artistic director in fashion to create niche fragrances. “I wanted to create fragrances with a strong personality, exceptional, giving emotion and sensuality in harmony with our mood and soul. Our collections allow us to offer a palette of different fragrances so that everyone can highlight their personality.”  

This niche perfume brand is highly recognized for its long-lasting scents and nuances that continue evolving over time. The brand is present in more than 500 points of sale internationally and offers two exceptional fragrance lines:

  • Fragrance Collection (eau de parfum) at 20% concentration, and
  • Rock & Riot line (perfume extract) has two collections, namely the Black Edition and the Ivory Edition collection.

Top 3: Icon, Tobacco, Be My Wife

Where To Buy Franck Boclet?

2. Gustave Eiffel

Price: €150

About This Niche Perfume Brand

Gustave Eiffel niche perfume brand

Gustave Eiffel is a relatively new brand that was launched by the direct descendent of the iconic French architect and Fragrance Collector, Philippe Coupérie-Eiffel.

Philippe Coupérie-Eiffel’s concept is that each fragrance is a genuine piece of art and follows the pure tradition of French perfumery.

The elegant perfume bottles are designed by the sculptor Cosimo Greco. Each bottle contains creations composed by two talented perfumers at Robertet, namely Sidonie Lancesseur and Dorothée Piot. Female in its curved shape and its crystalline reflections, masculine in its metal structure, the bottle symbolizes the strength and harmony of the united family of Gustave Eiffel. The thick solid base recalls the dimension of the foundations of the Eiffel Tower, which is the first challenge of the Parisian monument. The cap is designed in line with the elegant patterns borrowed from the tower’s arches.

What’s fascinating about this niche perfume brand is that all Gustave Eiffel Parfums relate to cities that embody the most famous works of Gustave Eiffel. This brand is also known for its long-lasting nuances and the timeless elegance conveyed by the blend of unique scents in each perfume bottle.

Top 3: Porto Vintage, Bois de Panama, Lotus de Hanoi

Where To Buy Gustave Eiffel?

3. Sandalia Luxury Collection

Price: €234

About This Niche Perfume Brand

Sandalia Luxury Collection niche perfume brand

Sandalia is a new niche collection from the Italian brand Acqua di Sardegna, and comprises 6 unique olfactory masterpieces, packaged in black and gold bottles.

Sandalia is inspired by the Mediterranean motifs of the famous island of Sardinia.

Each fragrance has its own story which brings to life an atmosphere of the ancient events of the beautiful and mysterious island, that recall the rich culture and heritage of the great masters.

Through its niche compositions and highly luxurious presentation, this niche perfume brand delivers a unique experience to the senses.

Top 2: Othoca, Karaly

Where to buy Sandalia Luxury Collection?

4. Imaginary Authors

Price: €110

About This Niche Perfume Brand

Imaginary Authors is a young and dynamic niche perfume brand that has bold ambitions and creative ideas. This niche perfume house is based in Portland, in America.

Imaginary Authors niche perfume brand

The concept of Imaginary Authors is that scent is an art and art is a provocation. Like a good book, these scents transmit inspiration. These bottles enclose narratives that generate stirring conversations and contain fragrances that are capable of changing the course of one’s personal story.

Each Imaginary Authors fragrance follows a compelling storyline peppered with intriguing twists. These are scents to curl up with, to share with friends, to take with you wherever you go, and to return back to them again and again for a uniquely transcendent experience.

Top 3 : Memoirs of a Tespasser, Saint Julep, Yesterdays Haze

Where to buy Imaginary Authors?

5. Rancé 1795

Price: €100 – €115

About This Niche Perfume Brand

Rance 1795 niche perfume brand

RANCÉ 1795 is a niche perfume brand that has a unique tradition. Since the 17th century the Rancé Maison, based in Grasse, was renowned for a unique mastery in crafting perfumed gloves. The ability to master the techniques of Gantiers-Parfumeurs soon evolved into the art of distilling and blending essences. In 1902, thanks to Alexandre Rancé the company moved to Milan.

The RANCÉ 1795 legacy is now housed in the Milan historical Headquarters, in a permanent Museum that brings together vintage Rancé products, and the Rancé collection of perfumery art.

Today, the seventh generation is carrying on the Rancé family’s traditional craft, which is inspired by ancient recipes, selected natural ingredients, passion, research, and creativity. What makes Rancé 1795 unique is the production of iconic contemporary fragrances.

Top 2: Elise, Le Vainqueur

Where to buy Rancé 1795?

6. Omnia Profumi

Price: €75 – €180

About This Niche Perfume Brand

Omnia Profumi niche perfume brand

Omnia Profumi is an Italian niche perfume brand established by Fabrizio Tagliacarne in 2007. It combines passion and experience in the field of high jewelry and gemmology. The result is a perfume that is sensual and has mysterious notes that accentuate elegance and refinement.

Top 2: White Diamante, Evodia

Where to buy Omnia Profumi?

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